Our Top 2 Tips For Maintaining Your Automatic Gates

Our technical and extensive knowledge of electric gates and equipment such as intercoms, keypads and remote means you can count on our gates to operate smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

However, at some point, most gates will require maintenance. Over time issues may occur from weather damage, an electrical fault or even impact damage such as a car hitting the gate.

Common automatic gate repairs RFT Electrical work on are broken springs, damaged tracks or chain systems and electrical faults that can cause mechanical problems in the motor.

Like all mechanical equipment, regular maintenance can help to make your electric gate to last longer and continue to run smoothly.


Here are top 2 tips for maintaining your automated gates:

1. Inspect your automatic gates regularly

Check for weather damage, the onset of rust or any visibly loose screws or fittings. If you notice anything out of place call RFT Electrical for advice before carrying out any maintenance yourself.

2. Keep your gates clean

Weather exposure, particular the sea air on the Mornington Peninsula, along with dirt and dust accumulation can sometimes lead to rust. Keep a lookout for signs of rusting on your automated gate’s metal parts, and wash away if you spot any.

The longevity and performance of your automated gate system will be increased if you care for it. If you have any concerns about how your electric gates are running we are happy to help!


At RFT Electrical we also offer maintenance and scheduled service for all your automated gates and control equipment. Our trained and certified technicians are on hand to repair your automatic gates.

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